They participate in various activities during the days of competitions and promote the event and mind games to the public in general.

Each of the participating sports; Bridge, Chess, Draughts, Go, Xiangqi was represented and promoted by these ambassadors.



Fulvio Fantoni: World Grand Master. 1st in the WBF ranking (since 2008). Won 6 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals in World Championships, 3 Gold Medals in European Championships, 5 European Champions Cups. The only player, together with the American Robert “Bobby” Wolff, who has won 5 different World Championships (World Bridge Games, World Teams Championship, World Transnational Teams Championship, World Open Pairs Championship, World Mixed Pairs Championship). Awarded in Bali, September 2013, by the IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) the title of Declarer Play of the Year.



Wang Wenfei: She has been playing international bridge at the highest level since 1993 when she was a member of the winning team in the Qualifying Zonal Event, the first of seven victories, a very impressive record.The first of these victories was followed by silver medals in the 1996 World Women’s Teams Olympiad (now the World Bridge Games) and the 1997 Venice Cup. She had excellent results in the 2000 and 2001 World Women’s Team Championships and then won another silver medal in the 2003 Venice Cup. Next came a silver medal in the World Women’s Pairs, a bronze in the 2007 Venice Cup and silver in the World Bridge Games National Women’s Teams. Her victory and gold medal in the 2009 Venice Cup and the corresponding rank of  World Women’s Grand Master, ensured her position as a member of the top echelon of women bridge players. 


Alexandra Kosteniuk: She learned to play chess at the age of 5. In 2001, she reached the final of the World Women's Chess Championship, but was defeated by Zhu Chen. Three years later, she became European Women's Champion by winning the tournament in Dresden, Germany. In August 2006, she became the first Chess960 Women's World Champion after beating Germany's Elisabeth Pähtz. She defended that title in 2008 by beating Kateryna Lahno. Her greatest success so far is having won the Women's World Chess Championship 2008 by beating in the young Chinese Hou Yifan. She holds the International Grandmaster title.

Chess Ju Wenjun: Born January 31, 1991. She is a Chinese chess player, who holds the FIDE title of Woman Grandmaster. In December 2004, Ju came joint second in the Asian Women's Chess Championship in Beirut. In October 2007, she finished joint fourth in the 2007 China Women's Zonal 3.5 Tournament in Tianjin. In June 2010 she won the Women's Chinese Championship with 8/11. In July 2011 she won the 1st Hangzhou Women Grand Master Chess Tournament ahead of reigning Women's World Chess Champion Hou Yifan undefeated with 6.5/9. In October 2011 she took the second place at the Women's Grand Prix in Nalchik with 7/11, ranked only after her compatriot Zhao Xue, getting her third GM norm and thus, should be ratified as a GM. She was the No. 3 ranked girl chess player (under-20) in the world on the January 2011 Top 20 Girls FIDE rating list.








Darya Tkachenko: As a professional draughts player she is four-times World Champion and twice European Champion. From her 4 World titles, one  she won in a tournament while the other three by winning a title match. She is the only player to win all matches she has played. In the 2013 World Championships in Ulaan-Batar, she finished second. In 2005, she won the Open Tournament in Prague, the only woman to win a top open tournament. 





Zhao Hanqing was a Go player before deciding to study international draughts in 2008. She made very fast progress in her new sport She won 2nd place in the Asian Championship played last year in Malaysia. After this and in only one month’s time, she went on to winning the World Championship Juniors Girls in the Netherlands.




Natalia Kovaleva: She started playing Go at the age of 7 in Chelyabinsk, Russia. This city is located on the Ural mountains, the natural border between Europe and Asia, quite far away from the main Go playing centers of Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Her first and only go-teacher is Eugeny Paniukov (3 Dan). Natalia’s first big success in Go came in 1997 from which she went on to win 1st place in the Russian Youth Go Championship U-12. Since then, she has participated and won several other tournaments such as the European Youth Go Championship U-12, the Russian Women's Go Championship (6 times) and the European Women's Go Championship (twice). She enjoys traveling very much and is grateful to the sport of Go which allowed her to associate these two passions.



Yu Zhiying: A 16 year old Chinese Go player, she was promoted 1 dan in 2010, 2 dan in 2011 and 4 dan in 2013. In 2012, she won the last game of the Huang Longshi Shuang Deng Cup, strongly contributing to China’s win. In 2013 she went on a 6 win streak in the Huang Longshi Shuang Deng Cup. She was recently crowned champion of the 4th Asian Indoor & Martial Art Games Women team go event.



Chong Heung Ming: He started to learn Xiangqi at the age of 11. He won the Philippines Xiangqi Championship 14 times, from 1995 to 2010, becoming the true “King of Xiangqi” in the Philippines. In 2007, he was fifth in the Men’s Individual of the 10th World Xiangqi Championship held in Macau, the best ever achievement by a Filipino in the sport of Xiangqi. He was awarded Asia Xiangqi Grand Master in 2005 and the World Xiangqi Grand Master in 2009. 



Tang Dan: She learned to play Xiangqi at the age of 10. Ms. Tang Dan is Xiangqi Grand Master and has won several important titles such as 5 times Chinese National Individual Champion, 2 time Chinese Xiangqi Teams Champion, twice Asian Xiangqi champion and 2 time World Xiangqi Championship winner. She was one of the top Xiangqi players participating in the First World Mind Games. She was also the champion of the Women's Xiangqi Match during the 16th Asian Games.

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